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Unaccompanied Minors

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Spencer Davenport and his sister Katherine must fly from California to Pennsylvania on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays with their dad. During their layover at the Midwestern Hoover International Airport, a massive blizzard grounds all planes and cancels all flights, and the siblings are sent to the anarchic UM (unaccompanied minor) room, where they meet Christmas-spirited smarty-pants Charlie Goldfinch, surly tomboy Donna Malone, arrogant rich girl Grace Conrad, and mysterious Beef Wellington.

With Spencer's plan, the minors give Zach Van Bourke, the friendly clerk watching them, the slip, but Mr. Porter grows desperate to get the kids back, and sends all the airport guards to find them. After Donna and Grace get into a fight, Spencer decides that they're going to have to put their differences aside and work together, and Beef leaves to go and get a Christmas tree. Along the way, he reflects on how his step-father, Ernie, hoped to make him stronger by saying men are made, not born. Meanwhile, Spencer and Katherine's father tries to drive to the airport in his biodiesel fueled car, but it eventually breaks down at a gas station. However, the owner lets him borrow a Hummer.

The minors head to a thinly secured exit in the back of the airport, letting a dog loose to distract the guards. While they hide from Mr. Porter in the baggage claim, Charlie, who is hiding in a suitcase, gets placed on a conveyor transport; Donna goes after him, putting herself on a wild ride. Spencer and Grace follow them to the unclaimed baggage warehouse, where they find many wonderful presents, including a set of walkie-talkies, and a doll for Katherine.

However, they are seen dancing to Lee Morgan's performance of The Sidewinder on security cameras, and Mr. Porter and the guards chase the minors through the warehouse. Using a canoe, the minors take Zach captive and sled to the lodge while pursued by the guards, and manage to elude Mr. Porter long enough to find Katherine asleep in the lobby, and place the doll in her arms. While running around the lodge, Grace has to remove her contact lenses and put on glasses, which made her look like a dork in the past (but not to Spencer). With their mission completed, the minors go back to the airport with Mr. Porter quietly. He has them bumped from their flights and placed under surveillance in separate rooms. The minors then confess their true feelings on why they act the way they do. An emotional Grace admits that even though her parents are still together, they emancipated her, as she just returned from boarding school and spends most of her time at airports. Spencer, feeling bad, devises a plan to escape.

Using the walkie-talkies, the minors tamper with the security cameras and escape through air ducts. They find the Christmas decorations Mr. Porter confiscated, and Beef returns with a huge Christmas tree that he traded his prized Aquaman action figure for. With Zach's help, the minors decorate the airport, and take items from the unclaimed baggage warehouse to use as presents for the rest of the stranded passengers. Mr. Porter finds Spencer to admit defeat and reveals that he's unhappy because he never really gets to spend time with his family during Christmas, as well as his wife divorcing him five years ago. Spencer inspires some holiday spirit in the man with some friendly words and the gift of a snow globe. On Christmas morning, Mr. Porter dresses up as Santa Claus to hand out presents to the passengers and has the minors' flights restored, Spencer reunites with Katherine, their father arrives to pick them up, Beef tells a girl about his trek to find a Christmas tree, Charlie and Donna exchange phone numbers and share a kiss, and Grace accepts Spencer's invitation to spend Christmas with him and his family.

If your child is traveling alone as an unaccompanied minor, an adult (18 years old or older) must accompany the minor through the check-in process and pick up the child at their destination. Review the process to help your unaccompanied minor prepare for their flight.

To determine eligibility and book a reservation for an unaccompanied minor, you must contact Reservations at 800-325-8847 to ensure that the travel is permitted and correctly documented. When you book, the adult making the reservation will provide a 4-digit PIN configuration that will be required to make any changes to the itinerary.

When you arrive at the airport, please see a Delta Airport Customer Service Agent for information regarding drop-off and pick-up for unaccompanied minor travel. You will receive a wristband for your child to wear in-flight and create a package of boarding documents and ID for your child to use as they travel. At check-in, the accompanying adult must provide the following:

A badged employee will meet your child's arriving flight. If your child's connection time is short, the unaccompanied minor escort will take your child directly to the connecting departure and will escort him or her on board.

Unaccompanied minors may apply for and receive medical and SNAP benefits as the payee or head of household. However, this population is often erroneously denied coverage and thus access to basic medical care and food assistance.

An estimated 25,000 unaccompanied youth live in Illinois, per a comprehensive 2005 state-run study on which Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) collaborated. CCH estimates that 11,447 unaccompanied youths, ages 14 to 21, comprised 9.1% of Chicago's homeless population in the year that ended June 30, 2015. Of this, the Chicago school system counted 2,622 unaccompanied youths attending its schools. According to the National Research Center on Domestic Violence, studies show that 42% of unaccompanied minors were victims of physical violence at home and 32% were sexually abused. There are not enough shelter beds for homeless youth. Many may move from place to place staying temporarily with friends and acquaintances, or not have shelter at all.

Unaccompanied minors may sign their own application for SNAP, cash and medical benefits. For SNAP, a youth who meets the definition of homeless should not be required to apply for benefits as a part of the adult's household with whom they are temporarily living if they have not been there for longer than 90 days.

A2: State law (Public Act 098-0671) allows unaccompanied minors legal access to medical care without parental consent when the minor has documentation from one of the following six sources:

The minimum age to travel alone by plane is 18 years old. If a minor will be traveling unaccompanied, we offer the Volaris is With You service. When you get to the Volaris check-in counter, our staff will provide you with the necessary assistance to make your travel experience a great one.

It consists of providing assistance for unaccompanied minors from the airport of origin, during the flight, and until arrival at the destination airport. It does not include transportation to/from areas outside the Airport.

Children from 5 to 12 years old traveling alone are considered unaccompanied minors and can only travel using Volaris is With You. For children from 13 to 17 years, the service is optional. In both cases, minors must come to the Volaris check-in counter with someone over the age of 18 and with their printed boarding pass.

Children between 2 and 4 years old may travel as unaccompanied minors only when traveling with a family member between 13 and 17 years old. In this case, both will be considered unaccompanied minors and they must use the Volaris is With You service.

Children traveling alone must wear a badge in plain sight with their personal information so that the crew and employees can identify them as unaccompanied minors and they will be accompanied by Volaris staff throughout the travel process.

Minors who are undergoing medical treatment, have chronic or degenerative illnesses, or have physical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from being able to look after themselves can't travel as unaccompanied minors.

If it is an international flight, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the current legal (immigration) regulations and required documentation for minors traveling abroad before making a reservation.

Visiting a Royal Jordanian office and filling in the required forms must be completed before a ticket for an unaccompanied minor will be issued. Names and details of drop-off and pickup adults must be submitted at this time.

In fiscal years 2016 and 2019, when the previous records were set, HHS received 59,000 and 69,000 unaccompanied migrant children, respectively, historical government statistics show. During a six-month period starting this March, more than 92,000 unaccompanied minors were transferred to HHS.

This year's historic child migration wave, which initially peaked in March before reaching a new all-time high in July, posed major logistical, humanitarian and political challenges for the Biden administration, which has declined to use a COVID-19 policy started under former President Donald Trump to expel unaccompanied minors.

"The program faced an unprecedented challenge at the beginning of this year," a senior official at the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the HHS agency that cares for unaccompanied children, told CBS News on Wednesday.

Border arrivals of unaccompanied children have declined since the summer, but U.S. officials recorded processing nearly 14,000 migrant minors traveling without parents last month, the highest tally for any November in history.

Just weeks after President Biden took office, HHS shelters reached their pandemic-era maximum capacity. By March, U.S. Border Patrol facilities, which are not designed to hold children beyond 72 hours, became dangerously overcrowded with unaccompanied minors whom HHS did not have the space to house.

The emergency HHS sites alleviated the severe overcrowding inside Border Patrol facilities. But they also highlighted the risks of placing migrant children in makeshift housing facilities that were not designed to house minors and lacked the standards of care enforced at traditional HHS shelters. 59ce067264


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