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Download Free Pdf Novel Indonesia 11 Catolicas Opening La

In the past years, the Cartonera project could be successfully continued at various levels. As a result, it was possible to compile information about the project, like for example the statistics of the successfully conducted workshops, and to publicly document them on the home page.43 For the past years, a successful balance could definitely be drawn.44 Owing to the commitment of Irina Nehme, a first Cartonera project could be successfully implemented in a school library in Germany.45 Further projects are to be implemented in Russia and in Burkina Faso. Since March 2020, due to the protective measures against the spreading of the Corona virus, it became more difficult to initiate and design new projects in schools and libraries. However, the pandemic made it possible to support the project at yet another level. Meanwhile guidelines (descriptions and user instructions) were made available in four languages for download on the IFLA homepage. Since the past year, further marketing articles, like posters and bookmarks, can be accessed free of charge on the internet of IFLA in seven languages.46 In this way, it was made possible to create good framework conditions at the information and marketing level, which hopefully encourage also new co-workers to promote the dialogue in schools and libraries. 153554b96e


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