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A novel viral respiratory disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), is responsible for an epidemic of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in cases in China and worldwide. Four full-term, singleton infants were born to pregnant women who tested positive for COVID-19 in the city of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, China, where the disease was first identified. Of the three infants, for who consent to be diagnostically tested was provided, none tested positive for the virus. None of the infants developed serious clinical symptoms such as fever, cough, diarrhea, or abnormal radiologic or hematologic evidence, and all four infants were alive at the time of hospital discharge. Two infants had rashes of unknown etiology at birth, and one had facial ulcerations. One infant had tachypnea and was supported by non-invasive mechanical ventilation for 3 days. One had rashes at birth but was discharged without parental consent for a diagnostic test. This case report describes the clinical course of four live born infants, born to pregnant women with the COVID-19 infection.

Hi. I don't really know what to say haha. I don't think anyone will see this. I feel what I went through is not as bad as what others went through. Like it's not a big deal, you know But I have no one to talk to so um that's why I'm here. My life is not exactly normal compared to a lot of peoples. My family world travels, I'm usually surrounded with only my sisters and my mom and dad. I don't have close friends, we usually leave places before I can make any. And I think you'd expect my sisters and I to be close but most of the time we just want space. We're not rich, despite what many would think, we live in small apartments with usually two beds. It's hard to get space. But that's beside the point. A year ago my family had a falling out. A lot of things happened, they've always been pretty strict. My sister went to a party with some people she met. My parents found out, she had some alcohol, not really that bad. Despite it only being her their anger (my dads) was taken out on all of us. At the time we had our own room and were staying in an apartment for a whole year to make some money from English teaching. My dad took all of our stuff into his room, and when I say everything I mean everything. He locked all the doors in the apartment and made us sleep in the living room. The doors were locked every time they left the house. The only time we could go outside was when they wanted us to make dinner for them (chores) so we had to get food. There were fights every day. I struggle with adhd and with this happening all the time it just got so hard. A lot of things happened. they're buried somewhere in my brain, I'd rather not relive them. This is dragging on a bit long, isn't it There was no abuse. well, I at least not physically. We were ruining their relationship, we were horrible children, we always miss behaved, they didn't love us. Remarks like that. My dad wanted to send me off to a boarding school, he only wanted to be with my mom. The reason my dad disliked me the most is that he is a naturalist. Meaning he walks around naked all the time and expects, no, more like force(ed) us to the same. He wanted us to literally be the perfect family, that's what he said. The second we entered the house our shoes, and clothes must be at the door. I hated this. If we did not do this our stuff would continue to be taken away, we would not be able to go outside, etc. My sisters accepted naturalism out of fear. One of them wasn't allowed to go to college unless she followed his rules. And who were we to call for help The police We didn't speak the language, and what was happening to us, it wasn't that big of a deal compared to things others have gone through. Despite being afraid I was so uncomfortable. I've always hated being naked, I don't know why. And this made everything so much worse. I was bullied for not accepting their way of life. I must do my schooling and nothing else. my dad took my bras and underwear and hid them. He thought the way I was acting was hilarious. I was terrified of him, still am. When I went to sleep, since they took away my bras I found my swimsuit and slept in that. My dad told me to take it off. He was really angry. I stood up for my self and I told him no. He said that if I didn't he would force it off me. But I still told him no. He grabbed me and forced off my swimsuit. I kicked him, but he wouldn't get off. He left some burns and rashes in the process. I wanted to die. This is it. This was the rest of my life. I went to the store by myself and hid there. When I came back home they told me they were setting some rules. that I have to take off my clothes, no matter what. I had to be a naturalist, or they wouldn't let me go outside (although I was used to this) I was painfully aware that if I didn't run they would take my clothes off for me. I was so scared, I can't even describe it. It's hard to even write about it. My dad saw me reach for the door. He grabbed me but I got loose, I sprinted barefooted to a store nearby and locked myself in the bathroom. I love locks so much. When I locked myself in the bathroom at home my dad took them out of the door. I just wanted to be alone but I wasn't allowed. I suppose I should've just accepted naturalism. Life would've been easier. But whenever I thought about it this horrible feeling washed over me. I was going to try to kill myself, to get away from him, but I was too scared to do that as well. Because this really wasn't that bad if you look at the big picture. After this experience though, unexpectedly life got better. My dad decided to leave and go back to America. He was done living with us. This is where the whole "you're ruining our relationship" comes in. It happened so quickly. He just left. My mom cried every day. I avoided being at home. My moms not that bad. I don't know if I can forgive her for trying to make me become a naturalist. For making me change in front of her even though she knew how uncomfortable I was. For letting him make me feel like I was nothing. But I know she was trying her best to be a good mom. She just was sucked into his horrible way of "living". He was gone for a year. He's back now, despite all the threats he made in his emails to her. I can't say we're living happily, we don't talk very much. I hate that he's here. But whenever I try to mention the past to my mom she gets mad at me as if it was all my fault. So that's why I'm here. I'm sorry for such a long message. I don't think I have ptsd. I have nightmares about being naked sometimes but don't we all haha. You know, forgetting to put your clothes on and them leaving the house So yeah. so yeah that's it. That's my long and complicated story. All in all just wanted to talk to someone. It gets awfully lonely. ok bya

i haven't even read everything you said because it's so much. you are going through alot . this does seem legit and the way your dad treats you is kinda not good. i think you should be treated better. we all love our parents but you know there is an extent where you should be mistreated you know. you may be young i don't know but if you are a young adult that can provide for yourself i would move out make some boundaries with your parents, but in a respectful way, and hopefully get some family counciling. they may not want it but getting help for me is a sign of respect for your family you know you just want the best but if they still treat you bad then.... live your life without them but keep in contact show that you still love them. hahaha i don't know... but yeah hopefully all goes well and wish you the best

Recent evidence supports the use of buprenorphine for opioid use disorder treatment during pregnancy. Buprenorphine acts on the same mu-opioid receptors as heroin and morphine 47, but functions as a partial rather than full agonist, making overdose less likely 48. Other advantages of buprenorphine over methadone include fewer drug interactions, the ability to be treated on an outpatient basis without the need for daily visits to an opioid treatment program, and evidence of less need for dosage adjustments throughout pregnancy. In addition, several trials demonstrate evidence of less-severe neonatal abstinence syndrome 49. The disadvantages, compared with methadone, include rare reports of hepatic dysfunction, the lack of long-term data on infant and child effects, potentially more risks associated with induction because of the risk of precipitated withdrawal, and an increased risk of diversion (ie, sharing or sale) of prescribed buprenorphine 50.

Large randomized clinical trials aimed to compare conservative versus aggressive management with immediate delivery of women with the HELLP syndrome are missing. However, expectant management before completed 34 weeks' gestation may be an acceptable option in selected cases if it is performed in tertiary care units under close maternal and foetal surveillance (e.g. antihypertensive treatment, ultrasound and Doppler examination) [99, 100]. Possible advantages due to limited prolongation of pregnancy should be carefully weighed against the increased risks for maternal and foetal complications (abruptio placentae, acute renal failure, pulmonary oedema, DIC, perinatal and maternal death) [10]. If the maternal condition worsens, immediate Caesarean section is inevitable [99, 100]. Conservative treatment is contraindicated in women with DIC [58].

In pregnant women between 24 and 34 weeks' gestation a full course of CS is advocated after maternal stabilization (particularly blood pressure and coagulation abnormalities) followed by induced delivery after 24 hours [7, 9]. However, as mentioned, the support for this regimen is weak. Caesarean section should be performed in women who develop HELLP syndrome before 30 weeks' gestation [9, 142] and in those in whom oligohydramnion and/or unfavourable Bishop score are diagnosed [9]. Regional anaesthesia is indicated for cases with PLT counts below 100109/L. However, epidural anaesthesia is contraindicated if the PLT count is below 75109/L [9]. Some authors also claim that regional anaesthesia is contraindicated if the platelet count is below 100109/L [143]. Platelet transfusion prior to Caesarean section has been suggested for class 1 HELLP syndrome, and for those with vaginal delivery and PLT count below 20 to 25109/L [21]. Antihypertensive drug is administered to keep blood pressure below 155/105 mmHg, and the woman should be monitored closely for at least 48 hours after delivery [10]. Most patients show evidence of resolution during this time. 153554b96e


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