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Ranjeet is a shiftless loafer and pickpocket working for a gang. He falls in love with Anju, but does not know she is spying on him for the leader of a rival gang. The gang leader tries to set a trap for Ranjeet, but Anju warns him and he escapes. Ranjeet also tries to help his friend, an apple vendor, pretend to be rich because he has lied to his daughter and said that he is a wealthy businessman. Meanwhile, Ranjeet must steal some jewels before the other gang steals them first. With the aid of a walking dog toy he tries to steal the jewels and Anju tells the gang leader that she will no longer spy on Ranjeet since she has fallen in love with him too.

A few weeks later, we were in the air. For the sixteen-hour-flight to Hanoi, we slept lying down in cozy pods, watched the latest movies, and ate real meals with real silverware. Cathay Pacific provided airplane socks, but at one point, when I ventured into the bathroom, it looked like someone had tried to take a splash-bath. I put down a layer of paper towels, but my socks and feet still got wet. Back in my pod, I peeled off the socks and vowed to find a better way! 153554b96e


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