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Cannon Fodder Save Disk Adf !EXCLUSIVE!

Cannon Fodder Save Disk Adf

Cannon Fodder Save Disk Adf !EXCLUSIVE!

Hello, is it possible to run cannon fodder on the FS-UAE emulator Because when he gives them all he shows me that the game files are missing. I read here and there was such a problem, but for me it still seems to be fixed. I'd love to play this game, but I can't.

After a bit more messing around it seems to only work if you manually save it first, but whdload and savestates are not a good combination, it was never meant to be used with whdload and your game will probably crash next time it loads anything from disk.

I researched it & the key is to create a M3u file. Very easy to set up in Notepad. You basically type out the full names of the game/disks in Notepad and save it as. M3u. You then load said game using the M3u file .

The Amiga was a floppy disk-based computer and the vast majority of games can be found in the ADF disk image format. For the most part, ADFs behave like real disks. You pop them into virtual drives and will need to swap them from time to time. You can also write to them and some games even come with special save disks. Emulation allows you to drastically speed up read/write speeds, usually without affecting compatibility, which is nice.

Straycat (Kick 3.1 - fails under Kick 1.I am a freshly baked proud owner of an A3010, which also makes me an Archimedes Noob. Kitsunexus:Crashes after you leave the Professor's house, tested with 1.31 kick ROM Create a floppy called "COLONIZATIONSAVES" using Workbench/WinUAE before you start playing.Īmazing Kitty 20:19, 8 November 2009 (UTC)ĭamage: The Sadistic Butchering Of Humanity enter AR3 and exit may often help to reactivate gameplayĭarrin: Constant disk swapping makes it a pain, but now saves & loads games.

The game plays perfectly, but you cannot save your game as it uses it's own code to write to floppy.īitman_dk: Loads gets to game screen before it crashesīoing4000: game works but freeze at any key input. Straycat: Blitter issues with mouse pointer but seems to play okĭarrin. Also, graphics corruption on the barracks when destroyed.Īmazing:Game runs but dont have any controls When screen flickers black/blue between phases insert disk #1, wait for flickering to stop and reinsert previous disk.ĭarrin: Formats a save game disk from within the program.ĭarrin: Works the first time, but crashes when you try to play again. Whiteb: Loads fine, but after a few minutes of action, mouse becomes uncontrollable dashing a round the screen. Can now save/delete games/characters to Disk #2.ĭwyloc: tested with one disk version and fails to load Can now save/delete games/characters.ĭarrin. Need to use an ADF version in limited circulation.ĭarrin. 153554b96e


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