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Though blending has been evident over many decades, it has been particularly prominent as a source of neologisms over the last few years, with a growing tendency towards cannibalising chunks of existing words with increasing ingenuity and inventiveness. There are no regular strategies for blending, the only consistent criterion is that at least one of the words involved in the fusion has something chopped off it. In practice, the formation of blends is moulded by such factors as ease of pronunciation and catchiness. Among the many recent examples are movieoke (a blend of movie and karaoke) referring to a karaoke-style activity involving acting in front of a movie screen, nouse (a blend of nose and mouse), a computer mouse which is controlled by the nose, edutainment (a blend of educational and entertainment), used to refer to forms of entertainment i.e.: TV programmes, games software, which are educational, globesity (a blend of global and obesity) describing the worldwide epidemic of obesity, and freegan (a blend of free and vegan) referring to a person who consumes food that has been thrown away. 153554b96e


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