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There was no interruption to the unloading until about 1100 hours when a condition red sent everyone to cover. The raiding Japanese aircraft were prevented from reaching the big ships lying in at the beaches by antiaircraft fire and fighters which were giving air cover to the landing operation. The roar and cutout of the engines and the crack of machinegun bursts from dog fights overhead attracted the unloading parties out of their shelters, and more than one plane was seen going down in flames. After the enemy had lost page 78seven planes without dropping any bombs near the unloading ships, there was no other interference during daylight. Unloading continued most of the day until the ships were cleared, when they pulled out from shore; while the discharging continued, shifts had ceased work for a few minutes to have a meal of field rations and a cup of tea which the cooks had quickly produced. Under the trees there was in most places a thin layer of peaty soil matted with roots and lying over rotten coral, and where the ASC toiled all day around the dumps the surface quickly cut up into thick mud and made conditions unpleasant.

Fortunately for the ASC truck drivers who ran up big mileages, the engineers eventually built a good coral road along the south-east coast, with solid bridges of log over the small rivers. When trees to build them were felled round camp areas the air echoed with cries of 'Timber!', followed by the cracking of wood as the trunk leaned, then a resounding thud. Sudden, high winds were experienced from time to time, which brought down trees and palms of their own accord, without warning. In several cases they fell across tents, and it was rather remarkable that there were no cases of serious injury. 153554b96e


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