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24.Figure 1: Measurement accuracy of a laser scanner system as a function of scanning area. Figure 2: Schematic of the measurement apparatus. The target object is placed on a pallet and returned to rest at a fixed position for the duration of the measurement.

18.The data-acquisition system is calibrated using a calibration workcell. Afterwards, the calibration target is replaced with the product to be measured, and the whole system performs the measurement cycle. As a result, the system covers the complete product surface.

The accuracy of the products in the individual labs is based on ISO 17186:2011(E) Measurement and evaluation of surface texture, ISO 13613:2001(E) Measurement of air, surface and product roughness and ISO 10063:1999(E) Non-contact distance measurement or length measurement methods.

Figure 3: Photograph of the calibration surface with a ruler. Figure 4: The surface of the calibration surface produced at different levels of the P1 treatment. The gradations of grey indicate the different ways of product representation. The three colors of the bars represent variations in the scanning path, with orange, yellow, and green corresponding to the front, top, and back of the product, respectively. d2c66b5586


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