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Speed up editing in Photoshop using the new Photoshop Starter Kit. The new Starter Kit contains the Essential Elements, Tools, and Plug-Ins that help you create an accurate, consistent image as soon as possible. With these powerful tools, you can touch up a simple image or a complex multi-layered mask without having to start from scratch.

Edit with confidence when you're handed a dailied image and expect to see a completed look. The new MatchMove tool in AfterShot Pro 3 makes it easy to align and replace your subject by using fine or coarse Automatic adjusting. The new Camera Calibration Tool uses a fully-automated process to align the camera lens and your displays for the perfect match on a even a full image.

A new tab lets you use straighten actions and crop with confidence. Keeping your retouching tools handy and giving you improved performance have made straightening and cropping even easier. For example, using the new Cropping tool, you can crop a photo without first having to match the subject in another part of the image.

Easily align and enhance your subject using a carefully crafted mask. The new new Crop to Nearest Mask works automatically, improving the selection. It starts where it left off after a crop is completed. You can create your own mask and then apply it to images in your project.

Capture every moment with blurry backgrounds. Any photo, even those taken with a small sensor, can be effectively sharpened up with a few simple clicks. Plus the new noise filter means your images can take advantage of our noise-reduction technology without sacrificing image quality.

Store favorite sizes, blur modes and enhancements as presets and apply them with a single click. And with the new focus assist feature, focus on the subject you are working on and let AfterShot Pro3 focus for you. When you are backing up your data have your images automatically written to a new drive with the new Automatic Backup^ feature.

Free yourself from tedious, repetitive jobs - such as erasing a dog's nose or adding a background - with the new Gradient tool. Use the Pinch-and-Spin method of turning an area of an image into the gradient you desire. d2c66b5586


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