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Returning to the 1980s, RevoActiv released "Romanza."[53] The idea was to spend the game exploring a mansion through many rooms and visit the bathroom, a la Pac-Man. You have certain colors you can't pass through, prevent you from going too far and give you a point each time you pass through them. The game was licensed and is available on mobile phones and tablets through platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, webOS, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire. It has received positive reviews over time.

For this article, I selected randomly across the top 100 games on My mission was to find games that evoke emotions. Classic graphics. Great soundtrack. Interesting ideas (texts, sound, inventiveness, gameplay, etc). I tried not to just find games but also for any game soundtrack that felt memorable to me. Also, I had a soft goal of finding some games that required a bit of strategy. Some games with innovative ideas. Fun, if not at times challenging. And who doesn't like a good game about a monster attacking"The New Adventures of Zelda" - New Legend of Zelda Review - Nintendo Power 116, 1989.

Butch There are very few that are unique in that while they have a specific genre, they are not defined by one. For instance, Golden Axe is generic on so many levels, but its soundtrack and sound effects make it stand out. Other games have unique soundtracks that put them in a genre, such as Bomberman or Super Mario Bros., but their gameplay or overall genre do not. d2c66b5586


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