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The plot involves a young boy who enters a chocolatier's factory to see the secrets of making delicious chocolate, and proves to be an intrepid adventurer who helps expose a corrupt candy maker. The youngest boy wins a special contest by buying a chocolate bar, and he and his four friends and parents tour the factory. Along the way, a nasty candy maker secretly infiltrates the factory, and the young boy and his friends get caught up in a hilarious chaotic episode involving a clown who sucks pumpkins, and strange creatures who condemn two kids and a dog to death.

Parental Guide: Some intense language ("sucking pumpkins") and scary moments. Sexual content: Several references to various body parts, including lips, but no mention of skin or clothing, and only one reference to the other penis and one to vaginal intercourse. References to a boy being forced to eat a toads tongue, and a girl being told she has "lavatory dysfunctions."

Rating: PG. Follows R for some scary moments, but also some scary scenes. Language is minimal and mild. Violence: Intense slapstick fight, with two characters getting sucked down into a pipe and a clown getting sucked under a pumpkin, several snide remarks toward kids, one character blows up into a giant blueberry, another is blown up to the size of a basketball, a boy gets thrown off a scaffolding, two persons are attacked and pinned down by squirrels who proceed to throw them down a garbage chute. Characters throughout the movie get snide remarks about their teeth and the size of their bodies.

MPAA rating: PG. Films follows R for disturbing fantasy violence and some scary/intense moments, including a girl being pinned down by squirrels who proceed to throw her down a garbage chute, and others being blown up. Some rude characters refer to others as "royal pussies," "toothless," and one boy is heard saying the phrase "fucking idiots." Nudity: None. d2c66b5586


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