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Download Journey 3 From The Earth To The Moon Full Movie

Download Journey 3 From The Earth To The Moon Full Movie =====

That said, the film will still go down as one of the best box office draws of 2014, and an instant cult classic, not for the content, but for the mind-blowing visuals of its director. That her once anonymous cult following further crescendos, aided by a new surge of critical recognition, is all a flattering testament to her talents. Combining sharp observations about her own experience with those of others (any first-time spectator will see herself reflected at some point), fascinated by God knows what (perhaps her own self like a self-diagnosed OCD sufferer), and ultimately, deeply spiritual yet also keenly analytical about the motivations and actions of others, Pina would seemingly be born to be Blanchett’s polar opposite. Of course, that creates more questions than answers, probably best illustrated in the movie’s final scene, when she abruptly leaves her house and the hospital, returning to an empty living room. Her musician/lover (Kurz) takes his place with her. But where did he go?

Pina is a cerebral film that may not be for everyone, but that’s also part its strength, an above-board expression of developing outlook. There’s a candor in her examination of hard truths that is refreshing. Like many documentaries and arthouse dramas, the movie also feels removed from the subject it so poignantly captures in its details. We’re given insights into Lydia’s private life, as well as personal relationships with friends, family, and collaborators, but all of the intimate details feel filtered through Blanchett’s swinging platform boots. (It’s not meant to objectify or exploit, but there is a bit of voyeurism in seeing one actor play a nuanced character within a deeply authentic performance, while we, the spectators, sit silently judging from our own paltry experience.)

There’s not a hidden meaning or message beyond that first, powerful performance, put over with a regal confidence. It’s a movie for the true believers, of course, but also truly affects and teaches. d2c66b5586


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