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At first his goal is to simply "save" his child and get him back to his family. Then he develops real confidence after talking to Michael Chan (Michael and Nikita both have a fantastic relationship and you can't help but root for them). His plan and he gets sidetracked for a while again and again. His favorite hobby became fishing. Michael's mother keeps insisting that he goes back to school. He even goes after Nikita's mysterious kidnapper in the last act. Michael and Nikita still managed to escape their bonds at the end of act three. It is implied that Nikita is not aware of this, but it is stated in a single line that Nicky had been only ever thinking of her since he first arrived in Washington.

The man who had Nikita send her to get Nicky from the Ministry kidnap her out of guilt for letting him go so easily and also for believing that the whole institution was worth saving & the man who had Nikita save his life many times kidnaped her out of love instead. When Nicky left the ministry to go on his own, he ended up in the woods working on his fishing rod. A man named Michael Chan shot him in the head.

Michael Chan and Nikita were both formerly of Georgetown University on the Hoya (a local high school located in DC) and knew each other while they were undergraduates. They reconnected at Georgetown postgraduation. Michael's mother is nearly always in her hospital bed and has him take care of her every day. His mother is the most important woman to him. Though Nikita left after she was unsuccessful in her attempts to save Nicky, she still chases after his kidnapper. It is implied he has his eyes set on Nikita or her life is over.

Director of security at the Ministry of Justice, who had Nikita deliver Nicky to this mysterious man. After that day, he stalked Nikita. He knew she had interest in him and he did not want to have her near him or the life he was leading. He knew Nikita owed him for saving her life and as a result owe her life. d2c66b5586


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