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Xport Installer 3.2 Extra Quality Download


Xport Installer 3.2 Extra Quality Download

When using the MacPorts registry, you must create a master_sites block with a portfile setting. Xport works with either portfile or /etc/portfile which are equivalent.

You should not use macports -p for adding ports to your MacPorts installation. macports -p is used to test the MacPorts instances bundled inside the /opt/local/bin/macports -p shell script.

When building specific binaries or when a Portfile is updated with a special option, MacPorts may need to change a few file permissions and it can produce error messages during or after the process. In addition, it may remove dependency libraries when updating or rebuilding a Portfile.

If you make any changes to the above file, you must run MacPorts with the --uninstall option to update its cache directory before running port. Since the portfile setting is big, it is recommended to make a backup of the current master_sites beforehand.

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