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I've a largeish drive where Windows Files is installed. Partitions: C:LTFS C:RecoveryThis is for the stock installation of Win10. btw. Windows Media Player and Graphics Processor are not installed.

Reinstall Windows, clean install, I tried that. I've tried disabling services. I tried in safe mode. I've tried plugging in my USB cord again. I tried booting the entire system from the USB. Reset the PC. The thing is, no matter what I do, the only thing that will load are a few applications. Microsoft Office, Calculator, the icon for 7-zip (which I've already uninstalled). If I try starting Win 10, it will load to the loader screen for a good 5-10 minutes and then I get the:* Welcome!* Select a language* Command Line* Select a device to install* command line* command line* command lineI think Win 10 was working fine yesterday. It's been a while since I've done a clean install and the few times I've done it, it's been on fresh media. This is the GUI version of the startup repair that I use on Win 7, or the CLI version that starts everything from scratch. It's not just a boot menu, it's the start of a boot process. You can copy/paste the statement above just to be sure.

Hello, I've had no luck finding a fix for this until this morning when I tried the startup repair it installed all updates and then said it was successful. But, after rebooting, I get the runtime error message above. This started just a few days ago. I've had a Kaspersky scan on my computer and it found nothing even though I do use Windows Defender. Even my Crayola crayons have been eaten.

Hal itu perlu dilakukan agar tidak ada kesalahan, dan perlu mekanisme yang stabil untuk permulaan. Perhatikan saja, meskipun anda dapat menggunakan visual Office 2016, Anda tetap harus mencoba pada versi pertama. d2c66b5586


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