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Lil Wayne The Carter 1 Album Download Zip


The seventh single from the album is "Royals" which was released to radio as the fourth single on February 6, 2012. Royals shows the difference in style for Lil Wayne in his songwriting like in "Louder Than Words" and "That's How It Is" but this time, with another partnership with Kanye West, he takes on Neptunes sound as well. "Hello, my darling." The single debuted at number thirteen on the US Hot 100 based on its digital sales alone.[51]

A music video for the lead single "Got Money" follows a similar path to "Lollipop" with footage of content in the style of vintage video games and TV shows showing Lil Wayne smoking weed and jacking off. The video was produced by Colin Tilley who is best known for his work on music videos for Rihanna, Bob Dylan, Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes. The video was directed by "Weird Al" Yankovic and who appears in the video as a character.[55]

We just tried to make it work. We didn't try to make it happen no period.... I didn't try to tap the phone. I didn't try to talk smack to him. The conversation was the other way. He didn't call me, I didn't call him...In true Wayne fashion, he gave the best performance of the night. With his smooth and suave delivery, Wayne performed two of his biggest hits to date, but it's the smaller, more personal tracks that really showed his growth as an artist.

"We're putting them in a position where they kind of like to be included. not trying to be like, 'Well, "Mya," let's give you All-Stars". We're just like, 'Hey Look, you know, you wanna be involved? Crowd control / Ooh, you can perform with O.L., B.O.B., "Leyna, Lupe, Iggy.'" d2c66b5586


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