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Apache: Air Assault Download PC Game

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Apache Air Assault has been developed by Gaijin Entertainment and is published under the banner of Activision. This game was released on 16th November, 2010. You can also download Silent Hunter 5 Battle of Atlantic.

Apache Air Assault is a flight simulation game where you control the AH-64 helicopter. This game is a direct competitor to another helicopter simulator. Your "primary attack helicopter in the U.S. Arsenal" is equipped with 3 different types of weapons (missiles, automatic cannons and rockets). The story presents a terrorist organization named "The Solar Martyrs", that becomes dangerous as it possesses nuclear weapons and starts attacking Banhar, a small country where it has hidden. The missions will become harder and harder, and you will be alarmed at some point by the sudden increase of the difficulty level. With your AH-64, you will destroy vehicles and enemy units. The saving system of your progress is not permitted, and this means that if you fail or die, the level is restarted all over again. The presentation of your helicopter model is truly detailed, but the other elements that represent the graphics and the general environment are poorly elaborated. Your success achieved at the end of each mission is calculated in points. I found the AI a bit mediocre, as I wasn't contented by the reactions, that were supposed to be different in a state of war, in my vision. Unfortunately, a multiplayer mode doesn't exist, and this could have been improved some of the unsatisfactory aspects found by the flight simulator lovers. But, if you really want to engage in massive assaults with your helicopter, play it!

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4. Now you need to find the folder with Apache: Air Assault executable. In the example picture they are located in Binaries / Retail subfolder. You need to extract downloaded x360ce ZIP file to folder with your game executable file.

If you've never seen an Air Assault game then it's time you did. Air Assault is the ultimate military simulation video game and the basis for the popular Modern Military Shooter series of games. While it was canceled by EA a few years back due to poor marketing sales, this highly addictive series is now available on Windows platforms. Xbox players in fact can find all the current Air Assault maps and content for free. The freebies are available for both Windows and Xbox and can be downloaded directly from the game's official website.

Full version game. Just download and playNo adware, no spyware20 large levels, with 5 different landscapes10 unique helicopters to flyScores of weapons and power-upsNight missions and weather patternsStunning 3D graphics & shocking sound effects

Click on the below button to start Apache Air Assault Free Download. It is full and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have provided direct link full setup of the game.February 23, 2015

Apache Air Assault Patch 21 ((TOP)) LINK X.Win32 v9.1.1026-CFFapache air assault patch 21Mylola Info Nelia 11 Yo .aviali-rs232-upgrade-tool-v1-2-0 downloader 15Lao Sangam Mn Fontmidkemia the chronicles of pug epub to pdftablet pc input panel xp downloadDilwale Film 2015 Songs Free Download --activate adobe cs3 master collection keygendownload skillet rise full album 108changes december, 23rd added Age of Empires version 1.0a 1012KFor more information about this patch, please read the informationprovided by Microsoft's gaming department. added East Front version 1.04 for UK release 688K added Sierra's Pro-Pilot version 1.01 6100K added a fixed version of Trophy River Fishing version 483Kchanges december, 21stMacintosh patches added Galapagos version 1.1B 530K added Galapagos version 1.1B for french release 166K added Galapagos version 1.1B for german release 166K added Galapagos version 1.1B for spanish release 166KPC patches added Alexander der Grosse version 1.1 of german release 1725K added Biing! version 1.44F 201KThis patch is only intended for Funsoft's budget re-release of the game! added Enemy Nations version 1.02.006 942KThis patch requires version 1.02.002 or later and obviously seems to be a beta. added Galapagos version 1.1 of french release 118K added Galapagos version 1.1 of german release 118K added Galapagos version 1.1 of spanish release 118K added iF-22 Raptor version 3.31 of german release 971K added Pro Pinball - Timeshock! version 1.07 899K added Siedler version 1.1 259K added Virus - the game multiplayer fix 352KThis patch should make the game more stable in network games and less crash frequent and also fixes trashed colour paletteson some graphic cards. added Vermeer - Die Kunst zu erben version 1.37 1926Kchanges december, 20thMacintosh patches added Achtung Spitfire! version 1.15 423K added Myth: The Fallen Lords version 1.1 1342K added Over the Reich version 1.15 189KThis patch requires version 1.12 or later already installed.PC patches added Achtung Spitfire! version 1.15 230K added F1 Racing Simulation version 1.05 for Direct3D 1078K added F1 Racing Simulation version 1.05 for 3DFX Voodoo cards 1045K added Flight Simulator 98 patch set 1.0 756K added Flight Simulator 98 setup fix for french release 2887K added Flight Simulator 98 setup fix for german release 2888K added Flight Simulator 98 setup fix for italian release 2888K added Flight Simulator 98 setup fix for spanish release 2885K added Jack Nicklaus Golf V version 5.1 193K added Madden NFL Football 98 version 1.2 10579K added Mechwarrior II: Mercenaries version 1.1 17904K added Over the Reich version 1.15 107KThis patch requires version 1.12 or later already installed. added Sega Rally Championship version 2.1 2075KThis patch mostly adds support for MMX processors. added Uprising version 1.05 1752Kchanges december, 19thMacintosh updatesSettlers II version 1.02 1207KPC updates added Warhammer Epic 40000: Final Liberation version 1.01 373K added Flight Unlimited II version 1.02 2063K added Incubation version 1.03 172KFor english release only... added Lands of Lore II version 1.30 784KThis is the eagerly awaited 3DFX patch, so the game's graphics are finallyon par with the rest of the game. added Lands of Lore II version 1.30 766KFor the french release only. added Lands of Lore II version 1.30 768KFor the german release only. added beta 6 of Myth: The Fallen Lords version 1.1 1055K added Outpost II scenario pack #3 221K added beta 3 of Quake II Rendition Verite driver 156K added Reloaded Windows95 patch 1158KI suppose this patch allows the game to run flawlessly under Windows95, Gremlin did notprovide any information whatsoever about the patch. added Sega Worldwide Soccer Direct3D upgrade 677K added Tomb Raider II patch #2 321K added Tone Rebellion version 1.22 264K added Trophy Rivers version 445Kchanges december, 15thHmmm, something trashed my databas 59ce067264

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