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In front of the American public for the first time in his new role, Pope Francis appeared with his adopted parents in mid-October. The toddler was brought from Argentina and raised by the Rev. Robert and Anne Burrus after Pope John Paul II adopted a Thai baby girl and sent the baby back to the farm the family owned in the Alps. Truffaldino was along on that trip to the world's headquarters and was dressed in a black T-shirt, black pants and the same black hat - the "hat of the Pope" - that the Pope wears. He appeared in a light blue blazer with his initials, "R.B.", and he seemed relaxed and happy. Pope Francis is the first pontiff in history to have been born outside Europe. The popes before him all lived in Europe or were born there. He has never visited Europe and has not visited Japan, a natural destination for a pope. (Farmer) Read more

Although the road from dining to doting is a long, bumpy one, the French restaurant Bar Mesa is making it worth the trip - especially if you're lucky enough to score a table for lunch. A Short Drive From City Center

This crisp, glazed-topped confection is composed of a gooey, caramel-filled outer shell, and is the grand finale if you make it to the bottom of the Bar Mesa dessert menu. All you need to make it is good chocolate and a little butter. And as little as 26 years old, chef and co-owner Matthew Poirier makes the whole thing taste like a sweet piece of decadent candy.

Poirier is a short, neatly-dressed man with a quiet voice and a penchant for carefully chosen, sometimes whimsical, sometimes contemporary table settings. The chocolate-glazed cake was on the menu for two years, but he thought it was too simple. He made a big profit on it, and the ice cream maker thought he should try something else. That someone else is Ooh La La, a collaboration between Bar Mesa and the Los Angeles ice-cream maker Jeff Drake. d2c66b5586


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