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Each of these artistic traditions presented a potentially problematic problem for the Jewish leaders. The popular talmudic tradition allowed the practicing Jews to engage in Jewish practices by reading, studying, and commenting on the text. But since this tradition was partly inextricable from the kabbalah, which denied the authenticity and relevance of the talmudic tradition, the practice also had a defiant element. Moreover, the more the Jewish hierarchy tried to limit this practice, the more the popular tradition of talmudic commentaries grew.

So he said, “Get for me a new horse, and take the scullion and his master, and the twain of them shall carry the people and the gods, and bring them to me into the city.” And he said, “Behold, I have dreamed a dream this night, and, look, the sun is even now at Gibeon.[1]” So the young man tare down the chariot horses and watered them. … … … (and give me leave to depart.’”) (So the young man said, “Go in peace.” But the vision tare down the king’s servants, and he said, “Am I and the child and the eunuch, and the steward of his house? (1 Kings 8:29 d2c66b5586


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