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My Friend Ganesha Full Movie Eng Sub Download

My Friend Ganesha Full Movie Eng Sub Download >>

My Friend Ganesha Full Movie Eng Sub Download

Aarti and Aditya are too involved in their daily lives and hence cannot give much time to the boy who always feels lonely. He would only get to be with the maid. On one rainy day, the boy saves a drowning mouse and saves his life. He brings the small mouse home and tells the maid about it. She is very happy and tells the boy that he has saved Lord Ganesha's pet ride. Gangubai explains to him the full episode of Lord Ganesha & Mushakraj and also that he is his friend. Ashu gets sad and tells Gangubai that he is also alone and needs a friend on which she tells him that Ganesha can be his friend. The boy gets excited at this thought. It was a period when the family was going through a crisis & was coinciding with the forthcoming Ganesha Festival. Gangubai somehow convinces everyone to bring Ganesha home for this festival. Ashu is very excited, Ganesha comes into their home and things start turning around in their family. Ganesha becomes Ashu's friend and together with him solves various problems in their family and has a lot of fun these 11 days.

Koi Mil Gaya / Krrish: The movie revolves around the life of a mentally challenged boy who is gifted with super powers by his alien friend. The first part was named Koi Mil Gaya and was a box office success. The second part, Krrish saw the central character as a superhero, and the soon-to-be released Krrish 3 is now eagerly awaited. This fictitious story of super powers and superheroes instills hope in little children.

My Friend Ganesha: An eight-year-old boy whose parents have no time for him becomes friends with Lord Ganesha who stands by him through thick and thin. Toogether they help the needy and share some fun moments teaching the cruel a lesson. This movie will instill in your little one faith in the Almighty. 153554b96e


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