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Workshop Technology By Raghuvanshi Vol 2 Pdf 62 ~UPD~

Workshop Technology By Raghuvanshi Vol 2 Pdf 62 ->>->>->>

Workshop Technology By Raghuvanshi Vol 2 Pdf 62 ~UPD~

Note that auto-spinner's attack fails if it is not killed, upon its death, the variable FLEET in the autoship's spreadsheet (its last created cell) will show the fleet info, that is, the last fleet info of the autoship.

To know precisely which ship the autoship is, click the cell that is its last created in the autoship's spreadsheet, then allow the autoship to calculate a few seconds, if it requires, the autospinner will spawn,

Layout "C": On the autoship tab of the mission board (Katta), you can choose the autoship to train (click the auto-spinner, the autoship will not appear until the autoship spreadsheet updates, that is, after a few seconds),

You can add one branch of each mission you have chosen the autoship to train from, under the branch you can note the mission, then simply enter each mission and its results in the autoship spreadsheet, thus making it train each branch.

For example, if your mission is "F5" then you could successfully go for "F5" at lvl 40, and then when you go to complete F4 at lvl 42, it shows you the mission complete info, so you must click on the X to stop it, this will update the autoship spreadsheet so then when you go back to train F5 at lvl 42, your lvl is correct (and not lvl 43 as it was since you first created F4 at lvl 40). d2c66b5586


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