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An Inspector Calls Workbook Pdf


Hyperlinks work like links to other websites. You can make a hyperlink within an Excel workbook so that when you click the link, you open a web page in a separate browser window. For example, you can make a hyperlink that opens a web page of the product inventory for a retailer.

Add-ons Other add-ons might contain items that are not visible. If you distribute your workbook, these items might cause unexpected behavior or errors if other people use your workbook. If you distribute a workbook that contains add-ons, you might want to remove these items.

The Assessment Criteria templates and Test Procedures templates help you to assess the controls of your workbook according to the requirements in the statement of work (SOW). The SOW template presents a list of requirements for the controls of your workbook. Before you begin testing your workbook, review the SOW template and pay special attention to the requirements for controls that are not listed.

Unmappable controls and missing fields If your workbook includes controls and fields that are not mappable to any data source, you can't export this information with Copy or Print. You will be unable to use the information to meet the requirements of the FedRAMP moderate security test. If you are unable to meet the requirements of the FedRAMP moderate security test, you will need to revise your workbook.

The following list describes hidden data and personal information you might find and remove in a workbook.

Protected Sheet and Code items. You can remove protected sheets and code items from a workbook.

Hidden Rows, Columns, and Worksheets items. You can remove hidden rows, columns, and worksheets from a workbook.

Excel User Defined Formulas items. You can remove formula fields from a workbook.

If you remove items that contain personal information or hidden data (such as protected sheets or codes), you might change the results of the calculations or formulas in your workbook. If you don't know what information the removed items contain, close the Document Inspector, unhide the removed items, and then review their contents. 827ec27edc


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