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These concepts are important in mental health and counselling psychology. The family is a microcosm of our larger society. Within the family there is a mixture of what some might describe as normal or average, alongside the unusual. The students will be introduced to various models and theories of the family to gain greater insights into the family dynamics. It is essential to understand the family dynamics in order to end up being a good counsellor or therapist.

To build a strong foundation for Counselling Psychology where are we starting from. Let's first have a look at what drives women to talk to a counsellor/psychotherapist. As with all kinds of therapy, the reason women decide to talk to a psychotherapist isn't only a biochemical imbalance. At its simplest level, being able to identify and name the feelings we experience, both positive and negative ones, is the very first step of the therapeutic journey.

Master of Social Work or Master of Social Science. This class will provide a focused course sequence in social science, ethics, and social work. The intention of this course sequence is to provide a coordinated set of courses that teach theories of planning and solving social issues and to assist students in honing their practice skills and knowledge of social work, ethics, and social science. It will complement the training of students with an undergraduate degree in a field other than social work. This course sequence consists of seminar, practicum, fieldwork, and capstone course.

The Capstone course, APD2306 The Counselling Psychology Supervision, provides students with supervised experience in supervising practicum placements in counselling psychology and psychotherapy. Students are expected to demonstrate readiness and familiarity with electronic supervision by the end of the course. Supervision is a complex procedure, and students are expected to develop an understanding of how to conduct a supervision meeting between one of their supervisors and themselves before engaging in supervision practice. Supervision, being both an interpersonal and technicalised process, requires the development of skills in active listening, critical thinking, appropriate attitude and behaviour, and an understanding of controlling judgements about what is observed. d2c66b5586


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