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The Gearing ChartThis is a chart that overlays gear ratios (rear sprocket and front chainring) on a wheel graph. It comes with a free gear ratio calculator that you can use to calculate a gear ratio given the available gear ratios and the speed of rotation of a tire. The tool will use proper chain length, some math (shift rpm for derailleur, front tirerpm for rear tire) and clutch intervention, so make sure you have that info available. The chart is a great tool to help you understand your gear ratios. Download the Excel file and gear ratio calculator here: gearing_chart-1.xlsx.pdf

The Thrust ChartThis is a chart that overlays wheel torque values (measured in a shop dynamometer) on a wheel graph. It will tell you how much torque a wheel is putting out at a specified speed, and can be used to determine whether gear selection can be relaxed after a race. The tool does assume clutch operation (not applied or hydraulic). This chart is also a great tool to track your swing weight, suspension weight and wheel weight. Download the Excel file and wheel torque calculator here: thrust_chart-1.xlsx.

The Trajectory CalculatorThis is a tool for calculating the trajectories of curves and straightaways that can be used to determine your tire pressure to achieve the desired traction characteristics, and to help you calculate carburetor settings to control the desired carburetor mixture. It also comes with a carburetor mixture table that you can use to calculate carburetor settings at different gearing levels, but you can always modify this tool with spreadsheet functions (e.g. slow down the carburetor mixture calculator and/or add more mixtures at intermediate ratios). Download the Excel file and carburetor mixture calculator here: trajectory_calculator-1.xlsx.pdf d2c66b5586


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