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Been considering that. For instance, my cells intercept about 1.2 GB of data a day and 456 TB a year - which is 5GiB a month. Or about 5TB daily average for me (it's probably higher today because I don't spend much time on my phone). So that's about 36% of my data, and about 4.4% of the time of year that I spend on my phone.

The solar array would be the new rooftop carport and charge this battery for a little over the time of the day it would be in the shade, which would be the constraint. And in the winter the battery will perform well because it won't have to be so cold.

As you say, you can imagine a scenario whereby a facility or house will require additional power. A fully charged EV could automatically drive to the location and provide power to that facility, or conversely if a household had excess power from its solar array, the EV could charge itself from that solar array over the grid. A little like what Reposit Power are doing now.

Whereas the current revenue model is first and foremost focused on generating and selling power, providing utility services is pretty small, and not sustainable at scale. This is what we are moving into now. d2c66b5586


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