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De Elfenheuvel Seizoen 1 [PATCHED]

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De Elfenheuvel Seizoen 1 [PATCHED]

At the end of the season three, you heard good things. Hou the first weekend of June free to watch the exclusive preview of the final four episodes of the series. There will be a summary of the episodes in this season on large screens. Prepare to meet Dagmar, Saartje, Wiki and Kyan. I have been able to use the following to make it work. I found the solution in this question: $(".entry-content").stop(true,true).fadeIn(500).find(".header").click(function()$(".entry-content", this).fadeOut(500);); Using the above snippet of jQuery, I have managed to hide the content of my single.php page. I’ve worked in hedge funds for the better part of a decade. This means I’ve met my share of high-strung bankers. Most were not terribly strong with their money and would go off all hours of the night with giddy abandon. A good third of them and their spouses were regular party people, the kind who had to change their clothes multiple times on the way to the gala dinner after the awards ceremony following the Greenwich Young Professionals Association dinner. Despite the occasional fug and bourbon-drenched teary weekend in Miami, I always had a great time. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Noble enough, I was no longer a banker, and was quite happy to sit around bars with these people for hours and hours and hours. I was also privileged enough to be in constant demand on the merits of my extensive boutique firm. Enter my friend who used to run a hedge fund in Greenwich. Tired of his life on the golf course and his day-to-day life, he went to fucking work and asked me and my colleagues what we thought of a fund that was looking to do something new. I shudder to think who was running this dime-store operation, but I’ll spare you that indignity. His plan was, essentially, to go to Korea and teach English to high school kids. The shitty part was it was a currency play with Japan. “Latch latch,” he would say, as though he were in the game room of his parent’s house, throwing darts at his future sports bet. “Yup, you got me again. d2c66b5586


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