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The County also records documents related to property transactions (mortgages and deeds, for example). This information can be accessed through the Division of Assessment, Recording and Taxation's Public Research Room. Online information can be found through their two online databases: MultCoPropTax and MultCoRecords.

Most companies use the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) to learn your claims history. CLUE reports show the claims history of people and houses, regardless of who owned them, for the last seven years. A company can charge you more or refuse to sell you a policy based on the information in your CLUE report.

Property tax is delinquent on April 1 and is subject to penalties and interest. Delinquent property tax cannot be paid online. Delinquent payments must be received on or before the last working day of the month to be considered paid in that month. Postmark date is not proof of payment once a tax is delinquent.

Certificates that are not purchased during the tax certificate sale are struck to the county and are eligible for purchase at any time after the tax certificate is issued and before a tax deed application is made per Florida Statute 197.4725.

All tax certificates issued to an individual may be transferred at any time before they are redeemed or a tax deed is executed per Florida Statute 197.462. To begin the process of transferring a tax certificate, complete a Certificate Transfer Form.

Tax deed sales are held online through RealAuction. Please visit and register in order to view bidding instructions, view properties set for online sales, make actual bids, and make deposits and/or payments. 153554b96e


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