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Opensim Required Library Failed To Load

Opensim Required Library Failed To Load ===

Opensim Required Library Failed To Load

Common native library formats include .dll files on Windows, .so files on Linux and .dylib files on macOS platforms. The conventional idiom for loading these libraries in Java is presented in the code example below.

An important thing to keep in mind is that System.loadLibrary() resolves library filenames in a platform-dependent way, e.g. the code snippet in the example in the Introduction would expect a file named someLibFile.dll on Windows, on Linux, etc.

Lastly, replacing System.loadLibrary() with a call to System.load() which takes the full library path as an argument is a solution that circumvents the java.library.path lookup and fixes the problem regardless of what the initial cause for throwing the UnsatisfiedLinkError error was.

The UnsatisfiedLinkError is thrown when an application attempts to load a native library like .so in Linux, .dll on Windows or .dylib in Mac and that library does not exist. Specifically, in order to find the required native library, the JVM looks in both the PATH environment variable and the java.library.path system property.

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