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Non-conforming use is defined by the Municipal Code as any building, structure, or land use that does not comply with the applicable zoning standards for use of the land. For a property zoned residential, a non-conforming use is one that is not included in the district's (or the area's) list of permitted uses, and is defined in the Municipal Code as a "category of uses." The only Category of Uses that are not permitted in a residential district are Schools, Clubs, and Libraries.

The City of San Clemente does not keep track of inventory numbers and does not permit rental units, but they will accommodate short term rental units by special exception. However, short term rentals (i.e. less than 120 days) are not permitted in the City's zone districts.

The City will not grant accommodations for non-conforming uses and therefore will not create this opportunity. However, the City encourages property owners with non-conforming uses to explore the development and alteration of properties that qualify.

A CARPORT is defined as a covered area for the storage of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, designed as an accessory to a dwelling or as a service area. A cafe or portable bulletin board, or other non-motorized equipment such as electric vehicles, may also be permitted, if designed as an accessory to a dwelling. See carport and accessory for more information on carports

Check the Planning Department's website to determine if the current parcel is zoned residential, and then determine the maximum set-back that is possible. Parkinson's Law states "the distance to the nearest building is always proportional to the size of the building". A larger parcel (unrestricted) is better positioned for a carport or other accessory use. d2c66b5586


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