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FULL Festo Fluidsim Pneumatics 3.6 With 4.2 Library

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FULL Festo Fluidsim Pneumatics 3.6 With 4.2 Library

1. Sometimes, the order of terminals of a terminal strip was not saved correctly. 2. The assignment of terminals and cables was sometimes not correct after duplicating a page. 3. Sometimes, the exchange of a logo bitmap within a drawing frame was not stored correctly. 4. After cancelling the piston length dialog of the insert dialog, an item with the amount of "0" was added. 5. The dialog for adding a symbol to a custom database now shows all custom libraries. In case of assigning a symbol which does not match the selected database, the symbol is automatically copied to the corresponding custom library. 6. The identcode text is now placed better, so that it does not interfere with connectors. Moreover, the text is no longer part of the symbol group, so that it can be moved without ungrouping the symbols. 7. The list box for selecting the main component of a sub-symbol is wider, so that also long designation strings can be read. 8. Designation rules, the cross-reference representation and the language of projects and pages can now be copied from global settings of the options menu. As a default, page and project properties are no longer inherited from the global settings at runtime so that the representation is not dependent on individual settings of

You build your circuit diagram from a library of hundreds of pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic components. But the component library is not static. It is constantly improved and enriched with new components.

The easy intuitive user interface, extensive component library and robust simulation core are complemented with a large collection of didactic materials. Starting point is the integrated tutorial 'Simulating with FluidSIM' which teaches the basics of pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical engineering. Educational films and presentations provide the opportunity to go further and get a deeper understanding of the components. 153554b96e


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